Introduction: What is joint pain and what are the symptoms?

Joint pain is the most common health concern for people over 50. Joint pain is often a sign of an underlying disease or condition, so it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible if joint pain starts to interfere with your daily life.

There are three major types of joint pain:

1) Arthritis – a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation and swelling in one or more joints.

2) Osteoarthritis – also called degenerative arthritis, this form of arthritis typically occurs after the age of 40 and is caused by wear-and-tear of the joints.

3) Rheumatoid arthritis – an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the lining around the joints resulting in joint stiffness and pain.

1. Turmeric & Ginger to Treat Joint Pain

Turmeric and ginger are spices that can be used to treat joint pain naturally.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the spices compound with the antioxidant power of garlic in order to eliminate inflammation.

Turmeric and ginger are spices that have been shown in studies to reduce inflammation, which is one of the causes of joint pain.

2. Soothing Anti-Inflammatory Bath for Joint Pain Relief

The bath is a great way to de-stress and relax. It also has many benefits for our health and wellness, including helping to reduce pain and inflammation.

Epsom salts are known to be a great natural remedy for sore muscles. They help promote circulation and can make your skin feel smoother too! The magnesium in Epsom salts has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as relaxing your muscles.

Add 1/2 cup of epsom salt to your hot bath water, soak for about 20 minutes then pat dry with a towel afterwards. You should feel much better after!

3. Natural Remedy for Arthritis #1 – Activated Charcoal

Activated carbon is a natural remedy for arthritis. It is made of coal and wood that has been heated and activated with steam to remove impurities such as water, oil, and ash.

Activated charcoal is not a panacea; it’s an adjunct therapy. It’s the only agent that can adsorb certain poisons and toxins in the gastrointestinal tract like some types of drugs, chemicals, and some bacteria.

4. Natural Remedy for Arthritis #2 – Anti-Inflammatory Tea Recipe

Brewing anti-inflammatory tea recipe is not only good for your health, but also delicious. It is better than taking painkillers to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

You will need:

– Teapot or saucepan with lid

– Water (about 10 cups)

– A tea bag (you can choose between black, green or white tea)

– 2 tablespoons of cinnamon sticks

– Honey (optional)

5. Natural Remedy for Arthritis #3 – Turmeric Milk with Honey and Milk Thistle Extracts

Turmeric is a natural remedy for arthritis. The compound curcumin in turmeric has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. This means it can help ease pain and reduce inflammation in the joints. The recipe below can be made with or without milk, but if you do use milk, especially cow’s or goat’s milk, it will provide extra nutrition that may help your arthritis symptoms.

6. Natural Remedy for Arthritis #4 – Guava Leaves

The guava plant has been used for centuries in various cultures for various health benefits. The leaves of the guava plant contain tannins, which are naturally anti-inflammatory and can therefore be effective for treating joint pain.

-Guava leaves are one of the most effective natural remedies for relieving joint pain as they contain tannins which alleviate

-It has been used in various cultures for centuries and is believed to be an effective treatment option;

-Tannins in the guava leaves reduce inflammation and relieve joint pain;

-Tannins also inhibit enzymes that break down cartilage, making it a good supplement to take alongside other treatments such as glucosamine.

7. Natural Remedy for Arthritis #5 – Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is used for various purposes like cooking, aromatherapy, and pain relief.

We should be careful while using it as certain conditions like heartburn or ulcers might get worse.

One of the most important characteristics of peppermint oil is that it has antimicrobial properties. It can inhibit the growth of “Staphylococcus aureus”.

Peppermint oil is also very effective in relieving joint pain by reducing inflammation and providing pain relief. It stimulates blood circulation in the area which helps with swelling and discomfort.

Peppermint essential oil can be used in a variety of ways. One way is to apply it directly to the skin or to inhale its vapors.

Devortho is a 100% Ayurvedic medicine to cure joint pain. It is the blend of five natural herbs that work as pain reliever and helps in strengthening the joints.

Devortho contains essential oils, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, barks and gum resins which are found to be the best natural ingredients for joint pain. These ingredients are crushed into a fine powder and mixed together with certain other ingredients to make the herbal extract. All of these herbs have been used for ages by ayurvedic doctors for treating joint pain.

The ayurveda treatments are all about aiming at prevention rather than cure. Hence it is recommended that one must take care of their joints from the very beginning by doing yoga or meditation or exercise on regular basis to prevent